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Can You Buy Dulcolax Over The Counter ((FREE))

Colace and Dulcolax are two over-the-counter (OTC) medications that help treat constipation. Constipation is a gastrointestinal condition characterized by having three or fewer bowel movements per week, hard or lumpy stools, stools that are difficult to pass, or the feeling that you have not completely passed the stool. Bowel habits do vary from person to person. Patients experiencing constipation may describe the feeling of bloating or pressure in their bowels.

can you buy dulcolax over the counter

While this article will only compare Colace and Dulcolax, there are obviously a variety of over-the-counter laxatives. Seek the medical advice of a healthcare professional to determine which type of laxative one may be right for you.

Colace (docusate sodium) is an over-the-counter medication used to treat and relieve the symptoms of constipation. Colace acts as a surfactant and lowers the surface tension of oil and water in the stool. This allows lipids and moisture to penetrate the stool, producing a softer stool that can move more easily through the gastrointestinal tract. Colace is classified as a stool softener but is not considered a laxative because it does not directly stimulate motility. It may take one to three days for stool softening to occur therefore Colace will not typically provide quick relief of constipation symptoms. Colace (What is Colace?) is available in 50 mg and 100 mg oral softgel capsules, and 10 mg/ml and 60 mg/15ml oral solutions. There are also glycerin suppositories and stool softener and laxative combinations available under the Colace trade name.

Dulcolax (bisacodyl EC) is an over-the-counter medication used to treat and relieve the symptoms of constipation. Dulcolax is a laxative and works by directly stimulating peristaltic movement by irritating the mucosa of the intestine. This stimulation physically moves the stool through the tract. Dulcolax produces its desired effect more quickly than Colace, typically within 8-12 hours with oral administration. Dulcolax (What is Dulcolax?) is available in enteric-coated 5 mg and 10 mg