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Karat: Der Blaue Planet. Original 1982 ((HOT))

Der blaue Planet (German for The Blue Planet) is a 1982 hit by the East German band Karat.[1] The album of the same title was the most successful album published in East Germany, being sold more than 1.1 million times in East Germany and about 500,000 times in West Germany.

Karat: Der Blaue Planet. Original 1982

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Karat (Ger. for "carat") is a German rock band, founded in 1975 in East Berlin, then part of the German Democratic Republic, or East Germany. Karat also gained a strong following in West Germany when its 1982 album Der blaue Planet (The Blue Planet) was one of the year's top sellers in both East and West Germany, making Karat one of the more prominent bands in German-language rock music.

In contrast, the 1982 album Der blaue Planet (The Blue Planet) sold more than 1.3 million copies, propelled by its uptempo, radio-friendly title track referring to the looming dangers of nuclear and environmental cataclysm (a topic of some popular concern at the time). This song is still heard on German radio stations, partly for nostalgic reasons. Der blaue Planet became not only Karat's best-selling record, but the best-selling album of any East German recording artist ever, in or outside the country.

"1982 veröffentlichte die Band Karat ihr Album "Der blaue Planet". Die gleichnamige Singleauskopplung erreichte, (damals) in Ost- und Westdeutschland, Goldstatus und avancierte gerade im ehemaligen Osten des Landes zum Kultsong. 041b061a72