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Spore Creepy And Cute Parts Pack Crack !!EXCLUSIVE!! Download

(NOTE: this glitch only happens in the normal, old spore WITHOUT any patches like creepy n cute or bot parts, just old spore with the blue icon.) In cell stage, when editing a cell, you'll see that the test drive mode is missing as always. but, when you drive your mouse REALLY slowly and carefully, a text will pop up saying like ''Test drive mode'' then it will disappear with the speed of light. if you try a lot of times to get your mouse on that lil' text, and if you have eagle eyes and will click as fast as possible when that text is popping up, then you'll ENTER the cell test drive mode! (not really). HERE'S WHAT HAPPENS: the game will make your cell into a creature-editor-like-creature. there will be no background trees but an empty void. the arena circle will still be seen. the cell will move like if it has no legs (slug-like, you know) and if you click on an action that makes the cell yell or something, it will not do any sound like it has no mouth. you can create babies too though. I think this glitch only happened to me, reply somehow if this has happened to ya too

spore creepy and cute parts pack crack download

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