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Premium Saltine Cracker Tin Squared Global Contr

Did you know that saltines are lower in salt than many other crackers, despite their name? The issue is that they're not whole-grain and won't reduce or sustain your hunger on their own. Add a bit of peanut butter or hummus for a more well-rounded snack.

Premium Saltine Cracker Tin squared global contr

For a fan of crackers, eating six saltines may sound like a simple task. However, the "saltine challenge" is harder than you might think. The rules are that a person must completely finish chewing and swallowing 6 salted saltine crackers in one minute without help from liquids or lubrication. The dry saltiness of the crackers makes the task nearly impossible. However, if you want to impress your friends or participate in a saltine challenge contest, you may be able to accomplish the task with a little strategy.

The annual impact is dominated by crackers (7%-17%), low fat/sugar biscuits (10%-24%) and semi-sweet biscuits (7%-16%), due to their high sales volumes. The chocolate-coated biscuits contribute 3%-11% to the total, while the combined contribution of both types of cream biscuit is less than 6%.

I, too, have been part of the bad-tasting, poisoned and foul-smelling premium saltines, in addition to other things. It makes you wonder why Nabisco's Quality Assurance and Quality Control department didn't catch such a large deployment of a detrimental product into the public. People from literally all over the country are experiencing this and not a caring word or warning from Nabisco. To put icing on the cake, I also began purchasing the Triscuit Thin Crisps in the 9+ oz box at just over $2.00 earlier this year. They used to be packaged in the same box size as regular Triscuits. Weeks later, these were pulled from the shelf and replaced with a newly designed, smaller box of 7.6 oz. while the price was generically increased by 25-35 cents at all the stores.

I opened a package of Nabisco saltine crackers and almost fainted from the smell. It was so terrible like chemicals and mold and death. Luckily, the smell was so overpowering that I smelled it before eating one. I had to toss the whole box. Disgusting. Do not solicit to me.

My son opened a package of saltine crackers and ate one and his tongue went numb and got sick to his stomach. We smelled the package and it smelled like poison and tasted like it as well. My son had a severe stomach reaction to eating one. He was throwing up and had stomach cramps.

I purchased my grocery at Pick n Save Brookfield, Wisconsin upon purchasing Nabisco saltine crackers my packages were all broken up on one occasion and on two other grocery shopping trips the batches of crackers were burnt on the ends. Please be careful.

I purchased multiple boxes of Nabisco Saltine crackers, each of which have a musty, earthy and chemical smell to them. It's very difficult to describe. They taste bad too. I tried one to see and was sick to my stomach. I will not be purchasing these ever again for fear that I could make myself or any of my family sick. This is truly a shame. What happened to quality control? Does no one pay attention in their company?


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