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Locke Key 2x2

Please see our Locket Photo page if you need locket photos less than 30mm and have measurements in millimetres. Prints are shipped within 1-2 working days and we aim to deliver them in around 6-10 working days (or choose express delivery for a faster UK service).

Locke Key 2x2

Although lockets vary in size the typical locket picture measures 2x2cm (3/4x3/4inch). Remember that if you have a heart shaped locket, for example, you will need to trim it to final shape with scissors or a kraft knife so that it fits snuggly into your locket.

With PostSnap's custom sized photo prints you can resize your photos to print them at the small size required for a locket and order the prints online. Our custom photo prints will fit most heart, oval and round lockets. Simply select the length and height of the photo you would like to print and then you can trim the print to the exact shape you need so that it fits into the locket perfectly. You can even order a tiled version of your photo so that you have lots of copies of the photo and the opportunity for a few practice runs!

PostSnap's online photo printing service lets you choose the length and height of your photo print. This means that you can print any size of photo print you need from a tiny 1x1cm locket photo all the way up to a large 30x20cm panoramic style print. 041b061a72


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