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Facebook 101 €? Part 3 Games!

In this tutorial we're going to learn how to use the Facebook Instant Games Plugin for Phaser 3, how to preload assets, access player details and store game stats and player data. Instant Games is a way for people to play games across Facebook platforms on desktop and mobile, including within news feeds or Facebook Messenger conversations.

Facebook 101 – Part 3 Games!

In this tutorial we'll create a test-bed app which you can use to experiment with all aspects of the plugin. By working through this you'll understand what features the plugin contains, how to use them and hopefully be inspired to put them into your own games.

Before we write any code, you should run through the Instant Games Getting Started guide. This will help you configure your development environment so you can test Instant Games. Please understand, that unlike with normal html5 games, you cannot just run an Instant Game locally.

The most important step is creating a new app. Even if you already have a game hosted on Facebook you&