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Best Of Club Banger Remix ((NEW))

Here's something to file under "things you didn't know you needed but you couldn't be more excited that its happening": Lifesize 2 will have a "Be a Star Remix," and Tyra Banks has plans to make it a "banger." You heard that correctly. The theme song from the 2000 TV film, where Tyra Banks transforms into a human version of a popular doll, will return for the upcoming sequel. But this time, the ditty will be ready for the club. We don't even know what to do with this information, except count down the days until this sure-to-be iconic film premieres.

Best Of Club Banger Remix

We all know and love Toy Story and Child's Play, but in the "dolls-coming-to-life" canon of films, Life-Size surely holds a special place in millennial hearts. As the press release for the sequel explained, "Eve will experience ups and downs of real life in a fun, edgy, modern Christmas movie." That description plus a version of "Be a Star" with a "club banger" remix? Sign. Us. Up. 041b061a72


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