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How To Create Dll For Metastock

How to Create DLL for Metastock

Metastock is a popular software for technical analysis and trading. It allows users to create and use custom indicators, explorations, systems, and experts using the Metastock Formula Language (MFL). However, sometimes MFL may not be enough to implement complex calculations or functions. In such cases, users can create and use Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) to extend the functionality of Metastock.

A DLL is a file that contains compiled code that can be called by other programs. A DLL can perform any task that a normal program can do, such as reading and writing files, accessing databases, communicating with other applications, etc. A DLL can also expose functions that can be used by Metastock as custom indicators or experts. These functions can accept parameters from Metastock and return values to Metastock.


Creating a DLL for Metastock requires some programming skills and tools. In this article, we will explain the basic steps and requirements for creating a DLL for Metastock using C++ as an example. However, you can use other programming languages and tools as well, as long as they support creating DLLs and calling conventions compatible with Metastock.

Step 1: Get a Development Tool

The first step is to get a development tool that can create DLLs. A development tool is a software that helps programmers write, compile, debug, and test code. There are many development tools available for different programming languages and platfor