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Plants vs Zombies 1 APK: The Best Casual Game for Android with Hilarious Graphics and Soundtrack

Get ready for soiling the plants for the upcoming hordes of the zombies that are going to invade your house in the beloved game Plants vs Zombies FREE. The game lets the players choose from the 49 zombie-killing plants that include peashooters, cherry bombs, walnuts, and many more for defeating 26 different zombie types before they have a chance to break the door of your house and Eat Your Brains.

Throughout each round, you must collect sunlight by tapping on orbs that fall from the sky or are produced by sunflowers you plant. Once collected, this sunlight can be spent on growing more plants to lay down on the five lanes which make up your garden.

plants vs zombies 1 apk

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Zombies advance towards your house on these lanes in the form of waves and you must plant each plant strategically. While things start simply with just a few zombies coming up your lawn, easy to kill. Soon your garden will be filled with zombies of all shapes and sizes. Zombies with helmets, pogo sticks and even strapping themselves to helium-filled balloons and attacking from above.

Plants vs Zombies FREE offers 26 funny zombies such as zombie pole-vaulters, bucket heads, snorkelers, and many others. Each of these zombies has its own unique skills. So the players need to learn these zombie opponents fast and soil their plants faster to fight them.

Be careful with spending your supply of seeds and greens, these Zombies love to eat brains so much that they will do anything from running, jumping, dancing, swimming, or even eating eh plants to get to you. Learn about each of the zombies in the Almanac and soil your plants accordingly.

SMARTER THAN YOUR AVERAGE ZOMBIEBe careful how you use your limited supply of greens and seeds. Zombies love brains so much they'll jump, run, dance, swim and even eat plants to get into your house. Open the Almanac to learn more about all the zombies and plants to help plan your strategy.

Zombies games have always been a favourite category of people because those games that involve zombies, always break the records. There are many games on internet in which you can play against zombies but all these wars are always between zombies and human. The game we are going to discuss in this article is plant vs zombies.

Plant vs zombies is one of the coolest game on internet in which you will experience the fight between plants and zombies. This concept is now very old fashioned in which human kills zombies for their survivors now plant vs zombies has come with the new game concept and you will going to love this game.

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Plant vs zombies apk is officially published by ELECTRONIC ARTS. In this game you task is to safe house from creepy little zombies. There are many built-in features are available that you can access without any money but to use premium features you have to spend cash. Plant vs zombies is a free game and you can also play this strategic game offline. Plant vs zombies apk version also contains ads.

In plant vs zombies you will your will not fight to save the humanity but you will fight to save your house and your plants will help. You will grow powerful plants in your garden and once they become powerful, these plants will fight with the Zombies. Grow peas and sunflower and many other. Plants will help you to survive till end so plant flowers as much as you.

Zombies in this game are not same in size and shape but you will see the variations in zombies. Some zombies are like mermaid, some are jetpack zombies. Every zombies has different powers so you will plant flowers accordingly. Defeat these zombies and earn points. If you want to see the strength and weaknesses of these zombies then you can take help from catalogue.

Gamer can enjoy plant vs zombies different gaming modes. 3 types of modes are available in this game and all of them are unlocked. All three modes have different types of challenges which means that you can enjoy 3 modes with different excitements. If you want to increase your strategic skills then you can play survival mode. Survival is a most interesting and entertaining mode of this game.

Plant and zombies game has strategic gameplay. To all those people who think that they make good strategies can try their skills in this game. All features of this game is created beautifully. Game is easy to play but to make it more interesting level difficulty increases with the increasing levels.

You will collect power seeds for you plants that will help them to become more powerful. Different seed packets are available in this game and when you earn them then use these seeds to grow legendary plants. That will give you protection from zombies.

Gamer can take part in variety of events to earn rewards. Many challenges available in these events and by winning these levels you can earn money and lots of other exciting rewards. You can also play mini games in plant vs zombies.

If you are looking for best strategy games then you should try plant vs zombies. Play interesting levels and enjoy unique gameplay of plant vs zombies. Collect unique food items and make your plants more powerful. Plant vs zombies is available on Google play but if you want mod version then go to our website. With its hacked version, use everything for free.

Plants VS. Zombies: Universe is a fanmade Game made by a group of Chinese PvZ fans that plans to include content from every game in the franchise alongside unique plants, zombies, worlds, and levels made for the game itself.

Nearly all of the art and animation is replaced, though not by a noticeable degree. Things like the zombies and Crazy Dave seem to have their art replaced, or at least changed in some way, like by lowering the amount of color or using some form of lossy compression. Certain animations, like the zombies walking, also have a noticeably reduced framerate. Other things, like the stage backdrops, are (or seem) completely untouched.

Plants vs. Zombies FREE is a free-to-play zombie action game from Electronic Arts that is widely popular worldwide. This thrilling game has incredibly won over 30 Game of the Year awards already proving its gameplay quality. It's powered with 26 diverse types of zombies that you have to battle out using your arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants.

On some levels, you can even pick up fundamental notes and items including balloon, chocolate, dynamite, fertilizer, gold coin, hard hat, ladder, etc. The Mini-Games mode mostly consists of 20 mini-game levels and each of them exhibits various unique twists including smaller zombies or zombies with plants for heads. Meanwhile, the rest of the game modes Puzzle, Survival, and Zen Garden are only accessible once Adventure mode is completed.

For the Puzzle mode, you can be required to purchase the Vasebreaker, I, Zombie, and Last Stand game packs; otherwise, you can only play the first level of each section. The Survival mode, as the name suggests, will task you to survive the continuous wave of zombies. Meanwhile, the Zen Garden presents a non-competitive environment wherein players can keep plants that they have in the gameplay.

The exciting play that Plants vs. Zombies FREE brings to its gamers is on another level. The five diverse game modes that it demonstrates are a huge testament to the big-scale zombie gaming experience that it can showcase. As stated, some levels, tools, or plants can require purchase. Nevertheless, the gameplay it grants to its mobile players is guaranteed to be top-notch.

Mini PeashooterMini Peashooters shoot tiny peas at zombies.Almanac statisticsSun Cost0Recharge5Toughness25Damage4Attack Speed1.35SpecialCan be planted over other plantsPrice from shop49 for 4% chance of unlock, or 2,990,000TBAMini Peashooter is one of the four mini plants introduced in Alpha 3, unlocked either through a small chance in buying coin packs with mints, or from a 4-pack of all the mini plants for 2,990,000 coins. It is the mini version of Peashooter. It shoots mini peas at zombies in its lane, doing very light damage.

Even when spammed, Mini Peashooters do very light damage, each having about 20% of a Tier 1 Peashooter's DPS. Like other mini plants, they should not be solely relied on and only be reserved for when you have a proper defense set up. Once a defense is sustainable enough, Mini Peashooters can add slightly more damage on top of your other offensive plants. Their projectiles can also be ignited via Torchwood, further increasing their total damage.

The game seems to have a time travel theme. Look at some of the scenes that show the settings when fighting zombies in the Wild West (USA), ancient Egypt, and even above pirate. Each setting gives the option of different power ups, and the extra strength allows the player to interact with the zombies directly.

The second sequel of the plant vs. zombies is not the same as the first sequel, because getting a redesign with new items. And you will fight the new zombies, grow plant recently, and discovered a new world. Of course you can also maintain and restore the strength of your plant with the food / fertilizer, and generate new strength.

Plants vs. Zombies - Plants vs. Zombies is one of the most popular and addictive strategy style games with great graphics for Android, which has been published by the famous game studio and the well-known name ELECTRONIC ARTS in two free and paid versions on Google Play and today at your request Dear ones, we have introduced the paid and purchased version in your presence, dear ones! In this game, zombies have attacked your arsenal and you have to defend your house against them with different plants. With various tools such as cherry bombs and walls, you must stand in front of the zombies and prevent them from reaching your house. If you are a fan of tower defense games, the above game will definitely be interesting and exciting for you, and you should take full advantage of your thinking power and destroy the zombies one after another with special skills. In the game, you have 49 zombie killer plants such as peas, walnuts, bomb cherries and تا to bring in 26 different types of zombies that are going to attack your house, but be careful to use your resources properly, because These zombies love jumping, dancing, running, swimming and eating your plants! Open the game information book to learn more about zombies and plants. Plants vs. Zombies will be fun for all ages!


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