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Peaky Blinders : Season 1 Episode 3

Anya Taylor-Joy, the other newcomer to the cast, only appears briefly in two scenes. I think I speak for all of us when I say we need more Gina Gray. She is far from the wilting flower, and despite telling Michael she wanted to meet his family in the first episode of the season, in this episode she seems to want nothing to do with them. In fact, she seems to desire distance from the family, desiring her home back in America and the freedom she possessed. Considering all the domestic conflicts going on with the rest of the Shelby family, it is easy to see why she would want that. To marry into the Shelby family is to lose your autonomy, where your every move is tracked and is reported back to Tommy.

Peaky Blinders : Season 1 Episode 3


"Peaky Blinders" has always done a great job of setting a mood and atmosphere, and that was apparent during the very first episode. It's still very impressive how much the pilot accomplishes in its first hour. Considering the seasons are only six episodes each, "Peaky Blinders" didn't give itself much room to waste time. For the first installment of the series, this included taking on the difficult challenge of introducing the show's extensive cast of characters. It also had to establish the unique challenges that Tommy Shelby would undergo as a leader.

Due to the way that the "Peaky Blinders" seasons are constructed, there tend to be many season finales and beginnings near the top of this list. Each season typically starts by introducing a new thorn in Tommy's side, and wraps up with a climactic confrontation with his latest opponent. However, that doesn't mean that all the episodes in between are simply filler. The third episode of the second season does a great job showing Tommy engaging in a battle of wits against his latest rival, the mobster Darby Sabini (Noah Taylor).

The end of the third season included one of the biggest cliffhangers in all of "Peaky Blinders." It wrapped up with Arthur, John (Joe Cole), Michael, and Polly all imprisoned, and set to be executed for their crimes. Given that the show was renewed for another season, fans could likely deduce that the Peaky Blinders would manage to escape somehow. However, they had to wait until the first episode of the fourth season, aptly titled "The Noose," to see how the gang manages to free themselves.

The final season of "Peaky Blinders" had to deal with a difficult challenge that had nothing to do with the show itself. Although Polly was set up to be a major part of the final set of episodes, the great British actress Helen McCrory tragically passed away before the delayed production start of Season 6. It was absolutely heartbreaking for the cast, crew, and fans of the series. Not only was Polly set up for an exciting character arc in the show's conclusion, but McCrory's death meant that the show would be missing something. McCrory added something very special to "Peaky Blinders," and recasting her would not feel respectful.

Although the first season of "Peaky Blinders" wasn't quite as narratively complex as the later seasons, it did end with a terrific cliffhanger that raised expectations for the next batch of episodes. In the final moments, Inspector Campbell confronts Grace at a railway station. A silent gunshot is heard, but it's unclear who was firing, and who was the victim. The next episode wastes no time in revealing what happened: Grace was the one with the weapon, and she flees the railway station after shooting Inspector Campbell.

The first season of "Peaky Blinders" goes out with a bang. Although the final cliffhanger was certainly a great hook to get fans interested in watching another season, the entire episode is packed with memorable moments that show the gang at the height of their powers. Although the Shelbys frequently quarrel, it's exciting to see them put their minds together to pull off a daring scheme. Danny, who Tommy saved in the first episode, returns to help the gang break Freddie Thorne (Iddo Goldberg) out of prison in one of the show's most exciting action sequences.

"Peaky Blinders" is known for its shocking moments, but the second episode of the third season boasts one of the most surprising twists in the show's history. In the previous episode, Tommy and Grace got married. It's rare to see Tommy content with anything, and his marriage to Grace suggested that he had a brighter path in front of him. However, Grace was always marked for tragedy. When the Peaky Blinders attend a charity function, a mysterious assassin within the crowd shoots Grace in the chest.

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