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Amazon Launches Same-day Delivery In Industrial IoT Germany \/\/FREE\\\\

Starting today, eligible items will be have a new same-day shipping designation next to the Prime symbol, and customers will be able to search by zip code to see if their address qualifies for same-day delivery.

Amazon launches same-day delivery in Industrial IoT Germany

To date, crowdsourced food delivery has been most commonly seen in meal delivery services in urban markets, with apps such as Postmates, Doordash, and Grubhub, but even giants like Walmart and Aldi have begun dabbling with this model for same-day grocery delivery.

These types of technologies have been eliciting a response from traditional delivery providers such as DHL which launched a same-day scheduled delivery pilot for retail shipping in Germany, or FedEx, which has expanded same-day urban delivery in over 30 markets. Unlike emerging startups, these legacy providers have the advantage of leveraging their extensive logistics operations (traditionally used for non-retail deliveries), and shifting them to compete in the retail space.


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