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Where To Buy Indoor Planters

There's something about adding a touch of greenery that can really take your home decor to the next level. And the only thing that can make it even better is pairing your favorite houseplants with a stylish indoor planter.

where to buy indoor planters

"Stylish planters are an easy way to inject personality and pops of color into home decor, and easily experiment with emerging trends," Dayna Isom Johnson, trend expert at Etsy, says. "As style evolves, planters are an easy home accessory that can be swapped as plants grow and new styles surface."

Perfect for those with limited floor space or who want to upgrade their side table game, YLighting has everything from side tables with built-in planters to hanging pots for all of your indoor plant needs.

Looking for charming designs and planters that don't skimp on color? Anthropologie has a multitude of painted options that look as stunning in a light-filled space as they do brightening up a dark corner.

Freshen up your home with Target's assortment of affordable yet super cute pots. Take advantage of vertical space by using hanging planters to show off your green thumb and your favorite cascading vine or fill counter space with simple rose or gray planters.