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Where To Buy Indoor Planters

There's something about adding a touch of greenery that can really take your home decor to the next level. And the only thing that can make it even better is pairing your favorite houseplants with a stylish indoor planter.

where to buy indoor planters

"Stylish planters are an easy way to inject personality and pops of color into home decor, and easily experiment with emerging trends," Dayna Isom Johnson, trend expert at Etsy, says. "As style evolves, planters are an easy home accessory that can be swapped as plants grow and new styles surface."

Perfect for those with limited floor space or who want to upgrade their side table game, YLighting has everything from side tables with built-in planters to hanging pots for all of your indoor plant needs.

Looking for charming designs and planters that don't skimp on color? Anthropologie has a multitude of painted options that look as stunning in a light-filled space as they do brightening up a dark corner.

Freshen up your home with Target's assortment of affordable yet super cute pots. Take advantage of vertical space by using hanging planters to show off your green thumb and your favorite cascading vine or fill counter space with simple rose or gray planters.

IKEA is stocked with a variety of affordable pots and planters, most of which you can score for under $25. You can elevate your greenery on a budget with a fluted plant pot or a bamboo plant stand with space for not one, but five of your plants.

You can always count on Favor for thoughtfully curated accessories and home goods, and their planters definitely pull through. Their selection includes both unique vases and modern planters, all of which are stylish enough to help our plants live their best lives. This oblique planter adds depth to your plants and will totally enhance any space.

Bloomist sources its plant and home products from a global community of artisans, designers, and ethical suppliers who do good for the planet and humanity. Their planter selection consists of super sleek, sustainably-minded planters that will look beautiful in any space. This footed ceramic planter comes in two different sizes, making it perfect if you have multiple plants and want to keep your look cohesive.

Not only are house plants a welcome addition to any home interior, they are beneficial for your health as well. You can add color and life to any room, purify the air in your house, and breathe better with indoor house plants. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, there is a houseplant to match every aesthetic and design scheme.

Choosing a plant for your home does take a little bit of planning and there are multiple things to consider before you buy an indoor plant online. Ask yourself the following questions before you make your decision:

This is an obvious factor, but you will need to consider the size of your home. There are so many different indoor plants to choose from in a variety of sizes. Indoor trees make stunning focal points in homes, but require more room to grow. Regardless of whether you live in a large home or have a cozier space, there is a plant that can fit your home perfectly.

Depending on whether your indoor plant needs direct sunlight, can grow well in darker environments, or needs to be placed near a window but should not have direct sunlight, find the best spot for your plant in your home before you buy a houseplant online. In addition to that, house plants generally need a steady temperature to successfully grow in. Avoid placing your plants in an area of your home that significantly fluctuates between hot and cold temperatures, such as next to air vents.

Thank you so much for making this. It was very helpful! I was looking for some good plants for my room and I wanted them to be hanging plants, this was perfect. And the additional part where you said if the plant was non toxic or toxic was perfect, always want to keep the pets safe too!

When it comes to the ambiance of a home of any size, houseplants are a universal staple. Indoor house plants make spaces cozier, healthier, and more beautiful. Natural attractions are highly desirable and the house plants for sale at Lively Root are sure to impress. An indoor plant can add a perfect touch to an office desk or steal the show as a striking floor plant. Our indoor plants range from the vibrant flamingo flower to the soothing shapes of the areca palm, so that each of our customers will be able to find the unique plant they desire.

If you have never owned an indoor plant, the house plants for sale at Lively Roots provide superb for first-time plant parents. If you are in search of a unique and high-maintenance indoor plant or a collection of plants to expand your indoor forest, Lively Roots also provides an array of beautiful options. The New Plant Parents bundle is great for both new houseplant owners, as well as enthusiasts who want to nurture a new collection of greenery. Other plants like the fiddle leaf fig shine on their own as magical living features, but they require attentive care. For those new to indoor plants, the dragon tree is just as stunning as the fiddle leaf fig, but requires much less maintenance.

Lively Root not only has house plants for sale, we also deliver. From our loving houseplant nursery, to our eco-friendly packaging and delivery service, we are here to handle with care. Customers can relax and enjoy their indoor plants the moment they are delivered to their doorstep. Our indoor houseplants ship indoor house plants all across the continental United States.

**Offer valid only at beginning at 9:30am PST March 3, 2023. Limit one use per customer. Must pay sales tax, if any. Discount does not apply to shipping charges and winter packaging fees. Offer does not apply to eGift cards or digital gift card purchases. Cannot be combined with any other offer, used on previously purchased items, or redeemed for cash. Discount is taken during checkout. Offer may be revoked or modified at any time without notice. Offer has no cash value. Void where prohibited. Subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws.

Although your planters might have drainage holes, it can be a challenge when watering keeps washing the soil through the holes. Coffee filters are a great solution to support drainage and keep the soil from flowing out of the bottom of your planter.

If vermiculite used regularly, it will not only increase the moisture in the soil but it will also help the soil retain nutrients. The coarser grades are good for the bottom of indoor planters, whereas the finer grades are perfect for germination.

We hope this has answered the question of what you can put in the bottom of indoor planters around your home if you want to ensure they have great drainage. Now you can worry less about root rot issues and focus on just enjoying your fabulous foliage.

NewPro Containers presents a wholesale line of indoor planters for both residential and commercial landscapes. These modern and contemporary planters are available in an assortment of shapes, colors, and finishes. Enjoy large indoor plant pots that can hold plants as tall as trees, or small indoor planters that are perfect for tabletops. Choose from a variety of sizes from small flower pots to large oversized planters. Register or login to view wholesale pricing for interior plantscapers, interiorscapers and professional landscapers.

We now offer international shipping through global provider, Borderfree. As you shop, you will see prices in your selected currency. You can change where you would like to ship your items in the top right corner of our website.

Plants have quickly become one of our favorite go-to pieces of decor to decorate just about any room in our homes. From our bookshelves, to larger plants in our living rooms, or even cute mini plants on our bedsides or desks, it seems like we have slowly but surely sprinkled indoor planters all over our homes.

So there you have it, a collection of some of our favorite indoor planters of all shapes and sizes. Did we miss any of your favorites?! You know we are always in the game to add another planter (and plant) to our homes when we can. 041b061a72


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