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Wifi Robin Firmware 1.26

To test when wifi is with out internet. I open my laptop. I use a usb to put data on my mobile. Then I open warpinator and click on "create file" (it will ask you to select the source on your phone) In the movie there will be no change on phone number which mean that wifi is off. Then i reboot my device and open the laptop and when i click on the WIFI button. I will see the list of wifi and I will see my wifi network. Then I would start to upload a file from laptop to phone. As you can see on movie there is a change when I reboot my phone. I have two routers. The first router doesnt have internet. When I start the laptop it should work as the wifi router. The second router has internet. When I restart the wifi it could not detect it anymore. Perhaps it is possible to set up the wifi router with the 2nd router and so on. Regards Ibu

Wifi Robin Firmware 1.26

Hey there, I'm downloading some firmware updates on a new router I just received. I was having some issues with wifi with previous firmware (1.05). I'm downloading the new version 1.25 as a.bin. I'm using cp and winzip. When I tried to unzip the firmware using winzip, I realized it was about 5mb. I attempted to extract to my C drive, as recommended by the site, but it just said that there was not enough memory. I can't afford to buy another mb or run through 4gb of ram. Also, when I extract to C, Windows doesn't register the new files. Could this be because it's in the C: drive, and the winzip and cp are in D:??? If not, could you walk me through unzipping/ uninstalling to C:, and then how would I install the zip file? Thanks in advance!


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