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Driver Volante Clone Sport Racing: How to Set Up and Enjoy This Racing Wheel

Com o Volante Sport Racing para PC, Playstation I e II você jogará Gran Turismo, Need for Speed e outros jogos de corrida com mais realismo. O volante possui um sistema de vibração com motor de vibração embutido, proporcionando mais emoção nos jogos, uma alavanca de marchas e duas borboletas programáveis. Instalação no PC 1 - Insira o CD de instalação no driver de CD ROM do computador 2 - EM "Meu Computador" dê um duplo clique no driver de CD Rom (D:) e um duplo clique em "Setup" 3 - O programa criará uma cópia dos arquivos, clique em "Next" para prosseguir a instalação e depois clique em "Finish" para concluir a instalação 4 - Conecte o cabo USB do Volante na porta USB do computador, o Windows instalará o Volante automaticamente.

Driver Volante Clone Sport Racing

The Norwood Sports Arena owners and stockholders believed the facility was a sure bet...except that the Town of Norwood or the County did not pass gambling legislation as speculated. The Sports Arena Board of Directors were forced to shift the scope of the facility form greyhound dog racing to hold different types of sporting events, including wrestling, boxing, concerts and football to name a few.

As with most events held at the facility, the Arena Board of Directors would lease or contract organizations to hold events. Midget auto racing had exploded onto the sports scene after World War 2 and the facility had a track so it was a natural for the midgets to find their way to the Arena. Little did anyone know that this was the birth of Norwood Arena as one of the premeire motorsports facilities in the country. Motorcycles and sports cars and dragsters also tried their hand at racing at the facility over the decades.

In 1949, stock cars made their first appearance at Norwood Arena under the New England Stock Car Racing Association. NESCRA was formed by local midget owner/driver Ed Stone, along with Andy Anderson and others. Stone was President and ran the operations (Officers: Bud Tatro, Fran Bannister, Ed Stone, Ira Keizer, Newton Fowler with Technical Committee Frank Litwin and Hank Tatro). Like the midgets, NESCRA was a touring organization that ran several tracks weekly. These early low cost and less sophisticated stock cars (compared to the midgets) quickly grew in popularity and number. It was not uncommon for 150+ cars to sign in for a race night. It also became clear that the local racing landscape was about to change forever. As for the midgets, they continued as a touring organization with Len Thrall winning the last Midget race run at Norwood Arena on May 31, 1969.