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Italian For Dummies

Prof. Advisor's Crash-Industry has been shut because of a mysterious attack that destroyed a good part of the buildings and damaged the equipment. The economic damage was so great that the complex had to be closed down completely and most of the dummies had to be sold to D-Troit.

Italian for Dummies

Prof. Advisor knows full well that D-Troit is behind all his problems, but he needs to find a witness and his only hope is to rely on his most faithful friend and companion, Crash Dummy. Around this time Crash Dummy's girlfriend, Tyre, was kidnapped by the evil D-Troit, because on the night of the explosion she had seen D-Troit's prototype dummies placing the bombs in the Crash-Industry.

Crash Dummy Vs The Evil D- Troit is an ACTION game with lots of electrifying elements, and we mean that literally, that will grab you straight away. It is full of humour and addictive ideas, and with an extensive range of movements and fighting styles you will have many ways to succeed. Battling against the enemies presents unarmed fighting to throwing cases, barrels and other objects and using weapons like the Bazooka which can freeze, maim or burn the bad dummies and are but a few of the features on offer. 041b061a72


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