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Murus Pro 2.0 Build 445

Murus Pro unleashes the great power of PF, offering a very wide set of features. It is the most complete front-end for PF. and is bundled with the companion app, Murus Logs Visualizer. Access all advanced options to build and maintain a fully customized network infrastructure with your Mac.

Murus Pro 2.0 Build 445

شرکت سازنده: موروس فایروال / murusfirewallنام انگلیسی: Murus Proشماره نسخه: v2.0 Build 445نام فارسی: موروس پروقیمت: 29.99 دلار آمریکا (صرفاً جهت اطلاع)حجم فایل: 133 مگابایتتاریخ انتشار: 21:34 - 1398/10/29 2020.01.19منبع: پی سی دانلود / www.p30download.irامتیاز: 4/5

PF: network firewall, can be configured using the shell Terminal or using a third party front end, like Murus. It allows or blocks network connections at network level, letting you build and customize a complex network infrastructure.

How to install Murus Download ZIP file from, unzip it and open the DMG disk image. Copy Murus icon to your desktop or to your Applications directory, or wherever you want. Double click Murus icon and provide a valid administrator account to run Murus. If you purchased a license then insert your activation email and serial number to activate and start Murus Basic or Murus Pro. If you don't have a license then you can start the free Murus Lite. You are now ready to setup and start your PF firewall.

PF configurations created by Murus can be deployed very easily and quikcly to a large number of Macs (for example a classroom) using Murus Injector and Murus Vials, without the need to buy, install and configure Murus on each Mac. Murus Injector is a free application for OS X 10.9 and later, you can download it from web site. Murus Vials are files generated by Murus Pro containing all the necessary information to set up pf, including bandwidth, logging, filtering, and proactivity settings.

In addition, you may want to use Murus Logs Visualizer, to get a real time simplified log file representation which allows you to fine tune both filtering and logging policies very easily. Murus Logs Visualizer is a standalone application available at

Custom filtering rules will be added to /murus.custom anchor. NAT rules will be added to /murus.nat anchor. Forwarding (redirection) rules will be added to /murus.rdr anchor. Dummynet (bandwidth) rules will be added to / anchor.

7) Check for updates at Murus launch Check this box to let Murus make a connection to web site and see if there are updates for you every time you run This option is disabled by default because we do NOT like applications phoning home. Murus does not make ANY CONNECTION AT ALL you are not aware of. When checking for update availability Murus does not send/leak any data from your Mac. It simply makes an http query to our servers to get a string and compare it to the current Murus version.

Clients providing the correct knocking sequence will have access to all your hidden services. Clients failing to provide the sequence will be blocked. Use Murus Proactivity to manage port knocking authorizations and bans. Murus Knocker is free and available at It requires Java. It has been tested on OS X, Linux, Windows. Murus uses a specific PF anchor for port knocking rules. This anchor is generated only if you have set at least an inbound hidden service.

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