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Six-String Samurai Full Movie Free Download ((FULL))

In this alternate universe, in 1957 the Russians took the United States by nuclear force. Only one piece of the American frontier remained free, a patch of land known as Lost Vegas. Through this desert wasteland wanders the "six string samurai," a latter-day Buddy Holly who handles a guitar or a sword with equal skill. He's a man on a collision course with destiny: It seems that King Elvis, who ruled over the land of Vegas for forty years, has finally taken his last curtain call and the throne now stands empty. But it's a rough road to the big city and the body count is likely to be high, as demonstrated in this postapocalyptic future with a beat we can dance to.[13]

Six-String Samurai full movie free download

When I saw this movie at in the rental section, I assumed it would be a rip-off of EL MARIACHI or DESPERADO. I rented it out of curiosity and found that I was mistaken. This film is quite original and a little bizarre, but it is definitely the kind of independent movie that is worth seeing.The budget is low, the costumes and special effects are sparse, and some of the sound is non-synchronous. But this is all made up for with a story and directorial style that lends itself to "camp." The stylization of this movie is definitely what makes it worth seeing. It is kind of an over-the-top martial-arts, rock and roll, post-apocolyptic odessy-adventure.I enjoyed the flow of the story, which breaks down like this: The hero is traveling across the desert to the post-apocolyptic city of Lost Vegas, to vai for his right as king. Along the way he is tested by other would-be-kings with the same goal in mind. This allows for constant samurai style action/fight scenes. But the story is compounded by the jugernaught he must inevitably face, which is manifested by his ultimate competition, a "Death Metal Band" lead by Death himself. The story is smart, allowing each fight scene to develop the characters. We see Buddy, the hero, to be a supreme, loan-wolf type fighter. And Death, stalking close behind, is ruthless and hard to beat. This sets the stage for their eventual conflict. The first conflict they have is ended permaturely by outside influence, which furthers the story by creating a score to settle in the final fight scene. I prefer when movies take the time to set up this kind of conflict. Rather than just throwing a good guy up against a bad guy and having one big fight scene, we get learn about the characters and the story. Business is left un-finished, which allows the audience to anticipate the climax. This adds suspense to the story and draws the audience in to the movie. The movie has a very good Second Act, which throws the main characters in to great peril, with the bad guy's having all the advantages. This is then resolved with a great third act, finding clever resolution. Very good story telling.The movie is totally over the top and wierd, but the story is fairly concise and exciting. The circumstances are totally bizarre, but the director creates a world that is enigmatic and yet consistent. I would say this movie is kind of a "Mad Max in Wonderland." It is not your standard Hollywood tale, which, of course, made me like it even more. Not to mention, the entire movie is action packed.I highly recommend this movie to anyone seeking an original action movie, but on a critical level, just to be fair, I will list the few problems that I found: I think the fight scenes could have used a little more choreographing. It looked like budget constraints were limiting the number of takes they could do, and they were making up for actual precision work with simple slow motion and tricky camera angles. Falcon appears to be fairly well trained in Wu Shu, the standardized style of Chinese Kung Fu, but he is no Jet Li...nor Zhuang Hui, for that matter. It looked like he could use just a little more practice (I don't think he nailed that Butterfly Flat Spin in the sand dunes fight scene with the Death Archers). However, he is good enough to be quite convincing, and he was genuinely a lot of fun to watch. The fight scenes still managed to be quite exciting, and again, I highly recomend this movie. Especially, to anyone looking for a good independent movie. In my opinion, there really are not that many independent action movies that are worth seeing. The TROMA team tries to make action movies, and they pretty much all stink. Don't think that SIX-STRING SAMURAI is another MR. KABUKI MAN NYPD. Buddy would kick the crap out of Mr. Kabukki Man!I rated this film a 7 out of 10 on the IMDB. Go rent it and let your mind get a little bent. Its really pretty clever.

** HERE BE SPOILERS ** Recap: There has been a nuclear war. America is reduced to a wasteland with mutants, freaks and cavemen roaming free. There is just one place were civilization thrives, Lost Vegas. And the king of Lost Vegas, Elvis, has just died. Now, every guitar playing weapon wielding musician with any self respect is making a journey to Vegas to claim the throne. Buddy is one, Death is another. Buddy is a legendary musician that has somewhat of a drinking problem, and his journey becomes so much harder when he rescues a little boy from gum throwing cavemen. The kid tags along and a odd bond develops between the two. Death and his arrow shooting band members is out to kill every opponent, and soon Buddy is the only one left...Comment: This is a very odd and peculiar movie, that at a first glance has a really poor story and acting. Costumes and scenery are not that great either, except for Death's and Buddy's. But as the movie goes along I discovered that the quality of camera movement and editing was high and that the story actually was full of references not present in a poor written story. So there is one conclusion to draw, this is a low budget b-movie that tries to be just that and nothing else. And it succeeds brilliantly. The story and acting, still peculiar, is actually entertaining and Buddy is a great character. The kid is annoying sometimes, unfortunately, but I thought that it got better as the movie went along. In the end I was very happy I had rented and seen this movie...7/10

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Why are fantasies so suited to franchises? The genre offers many obvious advantages. Fantasies are assumed to appeal most to the teenagers and young adults who have since the 1980s been the demographic sector of greatest interest to Hollywood studios because they had the highest moviegoing frequency and considerable disposable income. Moreover, fantasies lend themselves to a broad range of merchandizing, and fantasy fans tend to collect things. We do not see action figures of the characters in A Beautiful Mind, a film that also lacks the potential for tie-ins with fast-food chains and other producers of publicity-generating ancillary products, especially videogames. Another advantage is that in most cases where a film attracts repeat viewings, it is young people who are going more than once--as in the case of the teenage girls who go to LOTR over and over to see Orlando Bloom (playing Legolas). Young people are more likely to purchase DVDs than VHS cassettes, and the industry would like nothing better than to have the new format take over completely, given that the manufacturing cost per unit is lower and sell-through prospects are more robust. (2) If fantasy films are adapted from popular literature or comic books, some among their existing fan audience will be willing to provide free publicity on Websites. Certainly, fans in various genres provide this sort of publicity, but fantasy series tend to foster an interest in esoteric knowledge (e.g., studying Klingon). The same sort of self-proclaimed geekiness that leads people to construct Websites also tends to be found among fantasy fans. Fantasy films...

A long travelogue ensues, dotted in encounters with Death (a metalhead patterned after Slash) and an extremely irritating Kid (Justin McGuire, iconic) who affixes himself to Buddy in classic adventure-movie fashion. Apart from the shredding tunes (which crescendo into a battle of the bands that'll flash-fry your eardrums) and the uncannily prescient depiction of a post-wet America abandoned by the side of the road, Mungia's spectacular action scenes are what make SIX-STRING SAMURAI stick - anchored by the full-body performance of leading man Jeffrey Falcon, a bona fide Kung Fu master who appeared as weibo heavy in many a Hong Kong actioner from the 80s and 90s.


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