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Harrow 3x2

Movable harrow bed with 2-disc storage guarantees perfect ground gadaption. By the gyroscopic effect of the tines triple coiling is a full-surface machining. The protected spring turn prevents pinching off the tips of plants.

Harrow 3x2

The six tine bar of harrow field will be matched with a lever or hydraulically to the required inclination. The aggressiveness and the tine pressure of the tines can be adjusted centrally at each harrow field (10 Settings), the aggressiveness of the tines of train (>90) to shock (

The Exact harrow can be used in conjunction with the RoTeC pro coulter system as well as the TwinTeC coulters. The Exact harrow tine has a thickness of 10 mm, is low-wearing and provides excellent seed coverage. The Exact following harrow serves for both coverage of the open seed furrows and for levelling. It operates, even where there are large amounts of surface straw, blockage free. With its individually pivoting harrow elements, the Exact harrow follows the undulations of the soil perfectly, ensuring an even seed coverage on soils either with or without straw.

The harrow pressure is adjusted mechanically by pre-tensioning the harrow springs. During hydraulic harrow pressure adjustment, a minimum and maximum value is predefined by inserting pins. So the harrow pressure and the coulter pressure can be simultaneously matched to changing soils via just one tractor spool valve whilst on the move.

Starting to love harrow delight! Quick to produce, easy to graft, taste is good for an early pear, disease resistant, productive as well! Why isnt every home orchardist growing this tree? Its unlikely i would be growing this pear now if not for the good