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Frank Ocean Blue Whale Mp3

For years, the haunting songs of humpbacks and blue whales have hogged the spotlight, in part because of the relative ease of observing and recording them. Bowhead whales, who spend much of their very long lives under thick layers of ice, proved more illusive.

Frank Ocean Blue Whale mp3


One theory for the musical variety is that it results from the rapidly growing population of bowheads, whose numbers once dipped to near extinction due to rampant hunting. More bowhead whales in the ocean means there are more songs to sing.

Objectively speaking, though, sharks are nowhere near as scary as dolphins. Dolphins are smart as hell, and can beat the shit out of a shark. I remember learning this when I was eight years old and doing a project on blue whales (we had to choose an ocean animal, and while blue whales are unsettlingly huge, I liked that they were referred to in every single book as \u201Cgentle giants\u201D), and being startled by such a cute animal\u2019s violence. This was around that time in the \u201890s when dolphins were the cool animal. Remember Vivica A. Fox getting proposed to with a dolphin ring in Independence Day? Axl Rose swimming with dolphins in that one terrible music video? Free Willy, and the Flipper remakes? In the\u201990s, every horse girl was also a dolphin girl. Hell, I was a dolphin girl for a while: I saw Free Willy with my friends on my sixth birthday. I even fed dolphins in the Bahamas during one of the aforementioned cruises! I had to hold a tiny fish in my mouth so the dolphin would grab it, which was disgusting, but still kind of cool. Dolphins were all over t-shirts and Lisa Frank binders, but eventually people caught on to the fact that like most other intelligent species on this planet, dolphins are also huge assholes. And orcas are even more terrifying, they\u2019re basically just three bottlenose dolphins in one. 041b061a72


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