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Where To Buy Windshield Sun Shade

A car sunshade keeps the car cool when parked in the sun and also protects the seats, dash and materials from sun exposure. Most are easy to set up and fold out, retract or open like an umbrella. All are modestly priced and claim to reduce interior temperatures by at least 15 degrees or more. A select few can be used while driving to provide shade on the go. We focused on price, ease-of-use and fit in the car no matter if you have a small hatchback or hulking SUV.

where to buy windshield sun shade

If you have a vehicle, you need a sun shade. This device defends your car, protecting it from the UV rays that lead to premature cracking, fading, and warping. They also keep the temperature inside your vehicle low, making it more comfortable to get inside on warm days. If you want to purchase one for yourself, you need the best windshield sun shade.

The Coverking Sun Shield is another ideal selection, providing a unique custom experience. The center is made from foam and then lined with a reflective material to remove sun damage. You can find it for about $40 on Amazon in a single shade.

The Carhartt Sun Shade is an excellent product from a reputable brand. You can find this tool for $85 on their site, depending on the type of vehicle. Each shade is made custom to the car, so some may be pricier than others.

Carhartt shields exist to maximize defense from the sun in a vehicle. They may be more expensive than the other options listed thus far, but the quality you receive for the item is worth every penny. This product is easily one of the best windshield sun shades on the market.

Last up is the WeatherTech TechShade Sun Shade. This product works for any vehicle and provides options coverings for all windows. A complete set of shades for every window will run you about $161 on Amazon.

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A1 provides a one-piece shade available in seven different sizes. The seller even provides a convenient chart to find the corresponding size for a large variety of cars, trucks, and SUVs. At the smallest size listed, this shade is about 59 inches wide by 21 inches tall, and 69 inches wide by 39 inches tall at the largest. Around nine inches of slack in the center also allow it to fold down for narrower applications.

Similar to the CoolMade shades, this one first folds in half, and twists into a compact size for storage with an included bag. Performing this operation inside the cabin may be too unwieldy, requiring it to be done in open space outdoors.

This sun shade boasts some of the easiest installation and storage we could ask for. While folded it is about the same size as any collapsing umbrella and can easily be tucked into a door pocket or behind a seat.

Click the spring-loaded mechanism and it expands into a one-piece rectangular shade covering the entire windshield. When it comes time to remove it, it can simply be pulled back and locked into storage position again.

This product uses an accordion-style polyester material much like a cellular shade. It also features a great degree of adjustability when it comes to dimensions, as the width of the shade can be stretched.

The full height of the fabric measures 25 inches and it weighs less than a pound. Installation is a snap, with double-sided tape to mount it to the passenger side, and it connects to a hook that's mounted on the driver's side. When not in use, the shade stores inside the casing, so it's fairly inconspicuous.

This simple kit comes with two rounded rectangular shades, each about 28 by 31 inches. For narrower windshields, the pieces can easily be placed overlapping each other, which gives a degree of adjustability. The manufacturer also claims they block out 99% of UV and 86 percent of heat under coverage.

To install, the semi-rigid sides of each shade are simply pushed into the windshield frame, then the factory sun visors can flip down for additional support. Before disembarking, they can be twisted into a compact size and zipped into an included carrier bag.

Perfect for parents or rideshare drivers, this shade is meant to be installed on side windows instead of the main windshield, and can be left in place while driving. The mesh fabric filter on the product eliminates sunlight glare and blocks about 90 percent of UV rays while still allowing a good amount of outward visibility.

The medium-sized Enovoe shade comes with dimensions of 21 by 14 inches. It can be purchased in either two or four-packs, for more coverage options. Larger versions are also available to suit bigger sedans and SUVs.

This extra-large shade boasts 65.7 by 36.4 inches of coverage for use in pickup trucks and SUVs. It features a reflective silver polyester outer layer to fully block both UV and heat. It can also fold in half for storage, but the large size may make that process more difficult.

Like the Enovoe shade, this SafeTemp product utilizes a see-through mesh filter. However, it also has an included rollup storage mechanism that allows the window to be opened partially without removing the device. The shade is held in place by two suction cups along top and one on the bottom, which may loosen over time and require reapplication.

When it comes to outdoor parking at your residence, a durable carport presents a more permanent solution to heat an UV protection for your vehicle. It also has the added benefit of shielding the exterior paint from sunlight degradation, plus other hazards like hail and bird droppings. This construction is heavier and more expensive than portable sun shade options, but presents more convenience and security in the trade-off.

This EcoNour product is a simple two-piece shade set, but super-sized, making it suitable for the large windshields on RVs, semi trucks, or buses. Each shade measures 41.5 by 50 inches, allowing up to 100-inch-wide coverage.

Genuine OEM Volkswagen Sun Shades keep your VW cool and protect during the hot summer months. The VW Sun Shades help shield off the heat from the sun building up in your car on those warm summer days. These are made to fit your VW windshield perfectly. Most are in-stock and ready to ship. We also offer select WeatherTech sun shades for specific VW models. Purchase a sun shade for your VW today.

2022 VW GTI / Golf R Custom SunshadeWith this custom-designed SunShield for your Volkswagen vehicle, help block the suns damaging UV rays and help reduce internal surface temperatures inside a parked vehicle while out in the sun. Its unique multilayer...

2022-2023 Volkswagen Taos WeatherTech SunshadeThe Volkswagen Taos WeatherTech Sun Shade keeps your vehicle cool during hot sunny days and protect your front interior from sun damage. For the winter time you can flip the sun shade...

2008-2014 VW Golf WeatherTech SunshadeThe Volkswagen Golf Sun Shade keeps your vehicle cool during hot sunny days and protect your front interior from sun damage. For the winter time you can flip the sun shade around to its dark surface...

2019-2023 Volkswagen Jetta Rear Sunshade SetThis three piece 2019-2023 VW Jetta Rear Sunshade set comes complete with two magnetic rear passenger window and one rear windshield sunshades that are custom fit to your Volkswagen model. The polyester...

Choosing the correct sun visor depends on a variety of things, including the location of the desired visor, such as on a side window or windshield, the size of the car or truck, and the desired use, such as if youll only use it when the car is parked or if you need sun protection when driving.

Visors reach different parts of the interior of the car or truck depending on the size of the window or windshield and the size of the visor. Many visors have the ability to swivel to cover parts of the side windows in addition to the windshield. How far the visor comes down depends on the angle at which it is used and the size of the visor selected.

Sun visors are permanently attached to the interior of a car or truck, above the windshield, to aid in protecting your eyes from lights, glare, and the sun while driving. There are specific visors created for each unique make, model, and year of vehicle. Sun shades are usually used while the car is parked and tend to be universal. Sun shades can cover many parts of the interior of the auto, including the windshield and side windows. They prevent too much sunlight from penetrating the interior of the vehicle, thereby keeping the interior temperature lower in warm months.

Quick tip: Be sure to wipe your EZ-Clings with water when you first get them. A thin film protects the Mylar sheets during production, and it can leave a waxy residue on your car windows if you use the shades right out of the box without first wiping them down.

Although it works best on SUVs and trucks, the MoonShade is lightweight and adaptable enough to work with smaller vehicles. When deployed, the MoonShade covers 9 by 7 feet, and its height adjusts from 78 inches to 96 inches. The shade mounts in three ways: directly to a roof rack, with very strong magnets, or with surprisingly robust suction cups for composite materials. We found that all three methods are secure enough for most situations, though as you might imagine, the suction cups are somewhat less stable than a direct mount on a rack. The MoonShade weighs 8 pounds and stows away into a carrying case that measures 28 by 6 inches, which is small enough to fit in the trunk of most cars. The MoonShade is great if you like to pull over in the middle of the day and set up a lunch, or if you tend to do activities outdoors in predominantly shadeless areas, as you find in the Southwest.

With this in mind, drivers look for the best ways they can protect their cars from sun damage while keeping their vehicles cool. And one of the most common options is car windshield sunshade and auto window tinting!

The windshield sunshade keeps vehicles cool and reduces the risk of faded upholstery using its reflective surface that bounces back the light that penetrates through the glass. Additionally, sun shields are easy to install and purchase but as its name suggests, their use is limited to windshields only. 041b061a72


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