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Autocad 2013 Only Crack Fixed 30

Metin et al. [4] studied the penetration and perforation thresholds of hybrid composites using energy profiling method and load-deflection curves. The perforation threshold of hybrid composites impacted at carbon fiber surface is approximately 30% higher than that of laminates with glass fibers as surface. They observed minor matrix cracking and some delaminations on the glass surface, while only observing indentations and matrix breaks on the carbon surface of the impacted side of specimens. Ercan et al. [5], [6] examined the effect of repeated impact on the response of plain woven hybrid and non hybrid composites using instrumented drop-weight impact tester and nonlinear finite element approach. They visually inspected the damaged specimens using the ultrasonic C-scan method and found that damage accumulations could be slowed down using hybridization.

autocad 2013 only crack 30

In the front side of specimen GCG, the failure is localized with matrix damage and crack formation perpendicular to the fiber direction (Figure 9A). At the back side of specimen GCG, shown in Figure 9B, only the matrix is damaged. As can be seen, the matrix damage spread uniformly throughout the entire specimen without any fiber breakage or delamination. Thus, the stresses developed during impact have been distributed to all the layers. The X-ray image in Figure 9C shows overall matrix damage without any fiber breakage or penetration of impactor. Furthermore, the specimen GCG has better resistance to impact than other specimens because the carbon fiber layers placed near the skin glass fiber layer protect the laminate from failure by absorbing more energy.


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