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in order to find a correlation between the developed surface temperature and the output power, we correlated the surface temperature with the output power using a linear regression analysis. the result is displayed in fig. 10. as shown, the trend in the output power is linearly proportional to the surface temperature. in the case of a cell affected by a crack size of more than 20%, the surface temperature is increased from 48c to approximately 50c. the output power is also reduced to 3.6% from nearly 3.9%. on the contrary, the average surface temperature of a cell affected by a crack of less than 20% is measured at approximately 42c, and it is not associated with a reduction in the output power. this is an indication that the solar cell samples that have developed cracks up to 20% are highly vulnerable for the potential generation of hotspots, and they need to be further investigated to ensure the maximum efficiency of solar power generation.

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in order to further study the solar cell's cracks and their effect on the output power, the solar cells were characterized using three different techniques: an electroluminescence (el) imaging setup, a raman spectroscopy technique, and a thermal imaging camera. the images acquired with the el imaging setup are illustrated in fig. 11. this is a comparison between a solar cell affected by a crack of 11% and a cell without a crack. as can be seen, there is no indication of hotspots or inactivity on the solar cell affected by a crack. this is a strong indication that the crack is not generating hotspots and it is not a point for a pv cell failure.


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