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Tango show

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For those of you who are into rap or hip hop, young jeezy is definitely THE ONE to see! His energy and talent on stage will have you standing up and not even thinking about sitting in your chair THE WHOLE TIME. He performs all his music from the old to the new, and everyone knows there's no jeez like the old jeez. If I had a chance to go to every young jeez concert in my city I most definitely would. The energy and the vibe of his concerts is just so live. I have been to quite a few concerts but Yung jeezy was one of my favorites. The music is so hype ,there is not one song that I can say was boring. A Yung jeezy concert is like going to a hip hop award show. Everybody in the audience is so amped and he makes sure he brings a friend. So not only will you see Yung jeezy; there's no telling who he may bring along as a surprise guest. The money spent on tickets is definitely worth it! If you love hip hop , you'll have a ball!


#C.T.E. DAYONE RIGHT HERE seen the show at the house of blues Las Vegas Feb 08-2018. Tee Grizzley open up the show he killed it the snowman Came on after him and had all the DOPE BOYZ SINGING ALL HIS SONGS ,THIS WAS MY 15 SHOW SEEING THE SNOWMAN THIS WAS MY FIRST MEET AND GREET SHOW 100% WORTH IT HE WAS AS REAL AS I THOUGHT HE WOULD BE ALL THE WAY Snowman Boo Rossini1 Bostongeorgeamg Y.G. Tee Grizzley Onejeezyfanatic Avion 4LIFE 041b061a72