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Apk-signer ? Let's Sign Apk files

Android 7.0 introduces APK Signature Scheme v2, a new app-signing scheme that offers faster app install times and more protection against unauthorized alterations to APK files (See here and here for more details). Therefore, Google implemented their own apk signer called apksigner (duh!)The script file can be found in %ANDROID_HOME%/sdk/build-tools/24.0.3/ (the .jar is in the /lib subfolder). Use it like this

apk-signer – Let's sign apk files

Now that we have a keystore, let's sign it to your app. Start by making sure your .apk file is in the same directory as your .keystore file. This makes the process much easier. Let's take a look at the jarsigner command:

As the most basic signing scheme, scheme v1 is based on a manifest file. This manifest file contains the names of the files that compose an APK and a the hash of each file contained in the APK. Signatures are verified using the signature file (META-INF/.SF) and the META-INF/.(RSADSAEC) file. Only if a file's signature is valid, the file is loaded onto the memory. Otherwise, the file doesn't get loaded.

Now, like we did with v2, let's use 010 Editor to see an APK Signing Block. The following screenshot shows the APK Signing Block of an APK. The highlighted part in blue is the sign ID (blockId) which is always set to 0xf05368c0 to indicate that the scheme block is based on scheme v3.

In Modern Android Phones, Un-Signed APK files can be Easily installed. But Older versions of Android does not Support the installation of Unsigned APK files. This is not a common Problem. But for Publishers and Hackers, it can create a lot of problem, because Unsigned APK files give error on Older Android Versions & cannot be EVEN Uploaded on Google Play or Play Store.

Signing the APK is not so Difficult. You have to be Patient, and Comment below if you face any problems or errors. So, I`ve listed THREE Methods below to Sign the APK FILE. Method#1 is Easy but requires 700mb of disc space for installing required files, Method#2 is a bit Difficult but does`nt requires much space, but Method #3 is EASIEST Method of signing the APK File (It can only be done on android) .</