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Simcity App

The best example of what I am trying to attempt can be described by the behavior of the simcity app (and I'm sure many others that I may be unaware of also using the google sign in for Google play games). Once you sign in to google play games on simcity, every time from then on that you launch the app a popup that slides from the top of the screen is displayed that says, "Welcome **user*". Now in my app I have followed all of google's documentation ( ) and various other sources, and the only time I see the "welcome" popup is after the user is logged in the first time. The only code I have in onResume and onStart is mGoogleApi.connect() which is the exact same code I have when the sign in button is clicked the first time and the welcome dialog is shown.

simcity app

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My question is this: Am I missing something with how to get this dialog displayed, or are apps such as simcity somehow signing me out on every time I close the app and then back in when I open it again? (To me that doesn't seem to make sense but is presently the only logical explanation I can think of.)


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